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Importance of teeth cleaning and check up

Dental Cleaning in Brampton - Gum Disease Treatment

All about dental cleaning

You have to visit the dentist at least every six months for your dental check-up and dental cleaning. The plaque and tartar attached to your teeth harbor bacteria and this causes gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. 

Dental cleaning in Brampton with your family dentist, and proper brushing & flossing at home helps you to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

During the dental cleaning, the teeth are cleaned of the soft and hard debris. The teeth are polished well after the cleaning so that your teeth look shiny and smooth. You will be given specific oral hygiene instructions as to how to maintain the teeth and gums in a healthy state. Preventing gum diseases is our primary goal as gum disease will eventually result in mobility of the teeth, infection of the teeth, and loss of teeth and alveolar bone.

We make sure that you learn the correct technique o clean your teeth and gums. With professional dental cleaning and adequate home care, your teeth and gums will stay healthy.

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Polishing your teeth

After the scaling procedure, your teeth will be polished to make sure that the surface is smooth and shiny. Stains that are accumulated on your teeth are removed with this procedure. Your mouth will feel fresh after cleaning and polishing.

Is a dental check up required?

Every time you visit the dentist, it is essential to have the check up done. Your dentist will check your teeth and soft tissues during each visit. 

How is dental cleaning or scaling done?

Dental scaling is done using ultrasonic instruments and hand instruments. A typical procedure involves 45 minutes. This removes the tartar and plaque attached to your teeth. If you already have gum disease, you may need root scaling or root cleaning to keep the area clean and smooth.

Is the procedure painful?

Usually, dental scaling is a very comfortable procedure and is done in a relaxed environment. Some have sensitive gums/teeth and may experience mild sensitivity. In these cases, the tissues are numbed using a gel to make it comfortable for the patient.

What is the cost of scaling?

Most of the insurances cover the cost of scaling and check up. At Polaris Dental, we bill your insurance directly for this procedure.

If you don’t have an insurance, don’t worry. Call us to know about your options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dental cleaning plays a significant role in our life. it is a key to making healthy teeth and gums. During the dental cleaning, the dentist will clear plaque, bacteria, and tartar from the surface of the teeth.

A dental cleaning is commonly a less painful process because there is no use of any sharp instrument. but in some cases, a dentist may drill a tooth if he finds a cavity and put some filling. In this case, patients can have tooth pain for a day or some tooth sensitivity.

If your cleaning involves a fluoride treatment and air polishing, then you need to take 30 minutes to wait to eat. if you don’t have these two treatments then there is no need to wait to eat.

In case, stains are on the surface of your teeth, then they can cleaned. Make an appointment for a thorough cleaning with your dentist beforehand. Your dental hygienist can remove tartar and black stains from your teeth using ultrasonic equipment and dental hygiene tools.

Tea and coffee, red wine, Tomato Sauces, and Soy sauce, are some foods that are the main cause of teeth stains. some kind of acid food is also increasing the chance of teeth getting stained.

We bill your insurance directly.
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