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When do you need tooth colored fillings?

Dental Fillings in Brampton

White or tooth colored fillings are made from a strong composite resin that can be easily matched to the natural colour of your tooth, making it nearly impossible for you or anyone else to visibly notice a change in the colour of the tooth. Furthermore, this tooth filling will be heard to bear the daily wear and tear.

You need a tooth colored filling when you have a small cavity or when you have chipped or abraded teeth. Dental fillings need to be done at the earliest even when the cavity or decay is not causing discomfort. This is because when you have symptoms like pain, it might have reached an irreversible stage necessitating root canal treatment. 

What is the cost of dental fillings ?

Most of the insurance companies will cover the costs of tooth colored fillings. 

How is tooth filling done?

Tooth requires minimal preparation when doing bonding. The appointment is short and simple, results are  excellent.

The tooth colored fillings are bonded to the teeth. Once the dentist removes the decay and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, and a weak acid is applied to the area. The weak acid opens up the pores in the enamel, in which the bonding agent is then flowed into to help prepare for the tooth colored filling being placed into the tooth shortly after. After shaping of the tooth colored filling has occurred, it is settled. Once the dentist makes sure the filling has hardened completely, the bite is checked to make sure the teeth align to prevent further issues in the future and if flossing can happen easily to ensure proper hygiene of the tooth.

What is bonding?

Bonding is a form of tooth colored filling that has evolved as a very popular cosmetic procedure that changes the smile drastically in a single visit. The advantage of bonding is that it is affordable and simple. Bonding can be done as an alternative to veneers and is used to mask the appearance due to misaligned tooth, close gaps in between the teeth. A chipped or discolored or misshapen tooth can also be modified to a beautiful tooth by careful bonding. You can even see a simulation before you actually do the procedure.

When it comes to understanding what filling is best-suited for you, asking your dentist is key. The different properties of different types of dental fillings may be suited for different situations with different patients. Some important conditions that a dentist keeps in mind when explaining which type of filling may be best for you include the current condition of your teeth, the size of the area where the cavity lies, where the affected tooth is located in the mouth and the forces being subjected on the tooth during daily routine such as chewing or grinding.

Ultimately though, the best kind of filling is no filling. You can significantly decrease the number of cavities in your mouth and the number of visits to the dentist (with the exception of checkups) by simply brushing your teeth after meals with fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily and seeing your family dentist in Brampton regularly.


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