Sedation Dentistry

Brampton Laughing Gas & Oral Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Helping you relax in the dental office with Laughing Gas Sedation

For dental procedures that could be painful, dental sedation or laughing gas has become a common practice used in modern dentistry. Sedation is safe and effective for helping you relax while receiving dental care.

For anxious patients receiving dental treatment, sedation will be administered by a mask that is placed over your nose. Within a matter of minutes, the patient will start to feel the effects of the laughing gas. The sedation will quickly and effectively calm the patient

When the recommended dosage of the laughing gas has been administered the dental procedure will begin. In dentistry, this is referred to as conscious sedation. The effect of the gas lasts long enough to complete the dental procedure, and you can return back to your regular activities shortly thereafter.

Dental Sedation

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We work as a team to provide high quality dental services to our patients in Brampton and the neighboring areas. We know that you are busy – For the convenience of our patients, we are open on weekends including Sundays. Our timings are flexible with options for early morning and late evening appointments including emergency appointments.

We offer comprehensive care for our patients including various modalities of cosmetic dentistry. Smile-enhancing procedures like bonding,veneers, ceramic crowns, teeth whitening are done to meet the unique needs of each and every patient.

In our general dental practice,we also offer Invisalign and orthodontic braces at an affordable price. As you know, Invisalign is one of the ways of corrective treatment for misalignment of teeth This involves transitioning through a series of aligners until the desired change is accomplished.Read more about Invisalign below.

Emergency dental care is offered at an affordable rate and this includes root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removals and a comprehensive range of dental services. Open on Sundays.

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