Dental Mouth Guards

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Dental Mouth Guards

Teeth grinding can result in a lot of pain and discomfort in the jaw, mouth and face of a patient. Dental mouth guards are oral appliances to prevent grinding or clenching of teeth.

If you grind your teeth, you might unintentionally clench your teeth throughout the course of day, or perhaps grind them at night while you sleep. This condition is referred to as bruxism. When buxism is discovered during the early stages, it can be treated prior to resulting in permanent damage to your teeth, gums and jaw. Aggressive grinding can damage dental fillings, wear down the tooth enamel and can even cause tooth sensitivity.

There are several options available for dental mouth guards however the best and most reliable solution is a custom fitted mouth guard.

Custom mouthguards offer the best degree of comfort and protection as they are made specifically suit each person’s mouth’s particular size and shape. Custom-fitted mouth guards are made using exact measurements and imprints of the patient’s teeth, in contrast to over-the-counter mouth guards, which might be large and poorly fitting. This reduces the possibility of the mouth guard moving or falling out when engaging in vigorous activity by ensuring a tight and secure fit. Furthermore, premium materials that are strong and long-lasting are used to create custom-fit mouth guards, which provide excellent protection against tooth injuries.

These mouth guards are typically made from durable materials such as hard acrylic or silicone, ensuring they can withstand the impact of any physical activity. Custom-fit mouth guards not only shield the teeth but also cushion the jaw, lowering the possibility of fractures or dislocations. In particular, people who play contact sports or engage in other high-impact activities need this extra layer of protection. Moreover, custom-fit mouth guards can also help prevent injuries to the lips, tongue, and cheeks by acting as a barrier between the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. Overall, investing in a custom-fit mouth guard is an essential step in ensuring optimal dental and oral health while engaging in sports or other physically demanding activities.

Dental Mouth Guard

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