Dental braces for crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are cosmetic issues and also damaging to the teeth and gum tissues. It is very difficult to maintain oral hygiene when the teeth are crowded. Dental flossing and brushing will be difficult to do effectively when the teeth are overlapped and crowded.

Crowded teeth happens due to a small jaw size, bigger teeth proportionate to the jaw, early loss of milk teeth, and also various habits like thumb sucking.

With orthodontic treatment, crowding can be corrected, and oral health restored. Wires and brackets can do wonders for tooth alignment. When crowding is relieved, cleaning the teeth becomes easy. Typically, the treatment will take a year or two to fix the issues.

It is recommended that you wear retainers at the end of orthodontic treatment to prevent crowding from occurring again. We make sure that you have a comfortable journey while wearing braces and that the treatment objectives are accomplished at the end of the treatment.

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