Dental Filling or Tooth Filling – procedure and Benefits

Why do you need a dental filling?

Tooth fillings or dental fillings are used to replace the portions that are lost due to cavities or dental decay. As you know, enamel cannot regenerate, and the damaged part will weaken the tooth. Teeth-colored fillings are strong enough to last for quite a long time.

Tooth-colored fillings are used to fix cavities, chipped teeth, broken teeth, cracked teeth, and also used for cosmetic procedures called bonding.

Dental fillings are usually done in one visit. Before the procedure, the tooth was very well numbed. The damaged area is cleaned, the decay removed, and the damaged enamel, which is the cavity, chip, or crack, is replaced with a strong tooth-colored filling. A high-intensity light emitting device is used to harden the tooth-colored dental filling.

The filling is polished, and your bite is adjusted to make sure that you can bite normally as before. The dental filling procedure is a simple procedure and very comfortable. When done at the right time, it can save the tooth from root canals and extractions.

Dental fillings have numerous cosmetic applications. A cracked or chipped tooth is a cause of concern due to cosmetic needs. The same is the case with a discolored tooth that needs bonding. Dental bonding changes the shape and size of the teeth and fixes the spacing between them.


In short, a dental filling is one of the most popular dental treatments done every day. A filling done at the right time can save the tooth from further damage.


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