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Is your brushing technique correct?

If the brushing and flossing technique is not correct, or if the brushing is not done on a regular basis, soft layer made of bacteria and food debris known as plaque will get deposited on teeth surfaces. This harbors bacteria and your teeth will get a sticky white or yellow film that is hard to remove.

If unattended, the plaque will get hardened to form calculus that will form more plaque and worsens the condition. Calculus or tartar will be discolored and even harder to remove.

Plaque and tartar causes gum inflammation, resulting in tenderness, discomfort, and bleeding during brushing. Plaque poses a significant danger for the development of cavities and halitosis (bad breath). This kind of chronic inflammation may even affect the overall health of an individual.

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Regular dental cleaning appointments with your dentist will help to get rid of the plaque from around your gums. The dentists will decide how frequently you need to come for the cleaning appointment based on your gum health.

Dental Cleaning Appointment

A dental cleaning appointment is the most important appointment when your overall condition of the gums and teeth are looked at and issues are found at an early stage. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed during the procedure, and will have a fresh feeling inside your mouth after the procedure.

How long does it take for the dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning appointments will take almost an hour . In Polaris Dental, dental cleaning appointments are very soothing in a relaxed environment.

How much does  it cost for a dental cleaning?

Each person’s needs are different when it comes to dental cleaning. We make sure that we bill directly to your insurance to make it easy for you, and all the insurances cover the cost of dental cleaning.

After the Cleaning Appointment

We will give you the after care instructions specific for each person. After the thorough cleaning, the health of gum tissues will be restored quickly.

Consistency is the key to maintain your oral health. Before you leave our office, please make sure that you book your next appointment as per the directions of the dentist. Our friendly staff will make you comfortable and relaxed throughout the visit.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth makes it really hard to clean the areas between the teeth. Teeth misalignment increases the risk of gum disease, causes headaches, cracked teeth, and strain on the jaws and teeth. Puffy, discolored gums should be treated at the earliest to avoid teeth loss.

The first stage of gum disease is completely reversible with proper dental care. As it progresses to the second stage, it is not possible to eliminate the damage completely. It can be controlled to prevent further damage to the teeth.

Misaligned or crooked teeth can be corrected very easily and fast with Invisalign or regular braces at any age. feel free to discuss your options with our friendly dental team.


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