Emergency Dentistry Services Brampton

Dental Emergency Services – Open weekends including Sundays

We provide dental emergency services in Brampton on all seven days – from Monday through Sunday. If you have a dental emergency, please call us right away. Our staff will advise you regarding the next steps.

dental emergency care

We make sure that you get an appointment for dental emergency as soon as possible. Every dental emergency needs immediate attention and prompt treatment will reduce further complications.

We treat the following dental emergencies, but not limited to :

Gum abscess
Tooth abscess
Jaw pain
Sensitive teeth
Swelling on gums
Bleeding from gums
Objects caught in between teeth
Loose tooth
Lost or loose filling
Loose crown / dislodged crown
Fractured/broken tooth
Cracked tooth / avulsed tooth

Orthodontic emergencies
Loose braces
Broken brackets

Most dental emergencies require pain relief, and we focus on providing pain relief to patients as soon as possible. We will provide a comprehensive emergency treatment plan and bill the insurance directly.


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