How to remove white spots on teeth ?

White spots on your teeth are not something that can be ignored. Usually, people are more worried about getting cavities or black stains or spots on the teeth. however, white spots on the enamel can be due to a lot of serious reasons including weak enamel.

The white spots vary so much in their appearance. Some white spots are confined to the gumlines of many teeth, some are confined to just one tooth. In severe cases, the white spots on teeth can be visible all over the teeth in the oral cavity.

The usual causes of white spots of the teeth are early decay of teeth. Plaque accumulation on teeth causes demineralization of enamel. Teeth decay starts with demineralization of enamel. The good news is that white spots are early caries and can be treated to make sure that the decay doesn’t progress further.

If you have done braces, there is high chance that you get white spots on the teeth. Often, it is hard to clean around the braces and is this is not done thoroughly and regularly, the enamel becomes demineralized. This becomes apparent on removal of the braces.


Sometimes, too much fluoride intake can cause the white spots on the teeth that can turn into yellow or brown patches on the teeth, when worsened. Fluorosis also occurs due to due to ingestion of fluoride by swallowing tooth paste, taking fluoride supplements.

Hypoplasia or defect in enamel formation is another common reason that causes white spot lesions on the enamel. This could be because of a myriad factors including vitamin deficiencies during teeth development.

The cosmetic appearance due to white spots can be reversed and masked very well with the most appropriate treatment chosen by your dentist. At the end of the treatment, your teeth will be natural looking and smooth.

It is very important to find our the reason for white spots on the teeth and get it treated properly. the structural and cosmetic problems can be fixed by visiting your dentist at regular intervals.


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