Pediatric Dental Care for Kids

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Pediatric dental care – keeping your child’s teeth healthy

Dental caries is very prevalent among most of the children. With proper care at home and regular dental check ups, teeth decay can be preventable.

Neglecting the oral health of children can have great implications on their overall health, affecting their eating habits and nutrition.

Brown spots on the front teeth causes emotional issues with children and affect their socialization. All these can be completely prevented by regular check up and home care.

Dental care of children should start right after birth. Their mouth has to be cleaned after each feed so that they get used to the habit.


Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing helps prevent cavities. parent supervision is very important at a young age to make sure that the brushing technique is correct.

Make sure that you replace your child’s tooth brush every 3 months. Visit your dentist twice a year to detect cavities at an early stage.

Limit the intake of sugary foods and eat well balanced meals There are some special coatings called sealants that can be applied to the back teeth as they erupts into the oral cavity. these coatings protect the teeth from trapping food and forming cavities.


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