Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening Brampton

We at Polaris Dental offer the most affordable and noticeable ways to transform your smile in one appointment that is PROFESSIONAL ZOOM TEETH WHITENING. Teeth whitening is the most sought-after procedure before various events. The in-office Zoom laser teeth whitening at Polaris Dental is designed to deliver astonishing outcomes while addressing concerns related to sensitivity. Patients undergoing this procedure receive a desensitizing agent, a testament to our commitment to ensuring a comfortable and positive experience for just $350.


Who requires teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is sought by many individuals who aim to have a brighter smile and a more confident appearance. The most common demographic is the people with gradual discoloration or staining of their teeth by consumption of alcohol, certain medications, or smoking. In addition to this teeth whitening is also preferred by individuals taking a new step in their life and want to gain self-confidence “A healthy smile is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to a positive first impression, an essential factor in various professional and social interactions.”

The procedure of teeth whitening

Before the process a meticulous examination of gums and teeth is conducted In this pre-treatment assessment the patient is assessed whether or not they are ready for a seamless procedure. For better results we strongly recommend a dental cleaning just before the appointment, contributing to the overall success of the treatment. During the procedure, your gums and soft tissues in the mouth will be covered and protected after which the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth during the four 15-minute sessions. There is an activator light that makes the gel more effective. You will be given protective glasses during the procedure.

At Polaris Dental we prioritise the use of advanced and reliable whitening systems. The Philips Zoom whitening system, renowned for its safety and efficacy, is exclusively employed for our patients. This system not only ensures exceptional results but also aligns with our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of dental care.

Aftercare for teeth whitening

While the process is known for its efficiency the concerns for post-treatment sensitivity are not uncommon. Patients can feel mild sensitivity for the first two three days after the procedure, a medically prescribed toothpaste can be used for proper precautions. At Polaris Dental we also offer take-home kits for our patients that include trays and a sensitivity relief gel, complete with comprehensive instructions. This kit serves as a continuation of the whitening process, allowing patients to maintain and enhance the results achieved in the dental office.

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